Anatomy of increasing testosterone supplementation

Recently, companies producing supplements to indicate in a mixture of components, not the quantity of each ingredient. The reason, ostensibly, is to protect the unique formulas. Indeed, many of the components of natural origin and can not be patented, so that incomplete disclosure of it seems sensible. But not for consumers.

Many supplements for bodybuilders are expensive – $ 50-100 per month’s supply or even less. Not knowing exactly how much active ingredient is a part, can probably get you to fork out a product that does not in fact have a greater value than a placebo effect. You can see better results, but they led not use supplements, but the faith of your mind is compatible with the physical work in the gym.

Another problem is that the effectiveness of the components of supplements often has no or has little scientific justification. When there is scientific evidence, they are usually based on studies or isolated cells or animals. But you can not say with certainty that the studied chemical substance or compound would have the same effect and in person.

Some companies may list on the packaging chemical names of the components, thus creating the illusion that it uses something new, something that will necessarily gain in muscle mass, while the purpose of this step is only one – increase profits.

One of the most striking examples – supplements that increase testosterone levels. So-called “pro-hormones” which were listed in the composition, based on the state test were only good old steroids or herbal ingredients. Other companies have turned to the side only allowed pro-hormones – DHEA (the majority of dietary supplements manufactured by U.S. companies and U.S. law in this area is very hard).
DHEA, a steroid of adrenal glands, is the most abundant steroid in the blood. It can act as a precursor in the synthesis of testosterone at the same time, studies have shown that participate in biochemical reactions in men, leading to formation of a metabolite of dihydrotestosterone, or estrogen. In women, however, DHEA increases testosterone always because their primary androgen – androstenedione – are readily converted to testosterone.

Interestingly, this was one of the first pro-hormone, appeared on the market in the early 90s. But further study has shown that it is more likely is converted into estrogen in men than testosterone. Companies that sell supplements with pro-hormones based on DHEA, usually indicated as part of a complex chemical name of the substance, because who wants to give $ 60 or more for a bottle of DHEA?

Another group of food supplements increase testosterone and is working on an indirect increase in testosterone. They are conventionally called “aromatase inhibitors” because they block an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen. Indeed, some versions of additives such as Arimidex and Formestane, in clinical studies increased levels of testosterone in men, even with the failure.

Another popular supplement – a substance containing ATD. Indeed, taking these supplements were talking about a significant increase in testosterone levels. But tests on animals, and surveys taking supplements in ATD people found reduced sexual desire. According to experts, the fact that ATD acts as an antiandrogen and lowers levels of estrogen, which is also necessary for normal libido.

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